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gun + gun = BANG! BANG! BANG!

12 January 1989
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I stole rice from the beggar's death bowl in this zoo of broken faces.
I told a widow that she was beautiful when half of her smile was missing.
And I've done my addition:
gun + gun = bang, bang, bang!
And I've done my division:
trash into trash = trash flavored trash!

10:24, 80's clothing, 80's hair, acceptance, afi, anorexia, art, asics, banging tamborines, beecher, ben kenney, bert mccracken, big glasses, black hair, bleached hair, bob marley, body modifications, brandon boyd, buying/selling clothes, calgone, cameras, chicago, chris kilmore, christmas, chuck taylors, coheed and cambria, concerts, crete, davey havok, decorating for christmas, diet coke, diy, emo, emo boys, emo hair, fashion, fasting, faux hawks, fauxhawks, fitness, fitness advice, flip flops, friends, geeks, grant park, guys, guys in eyeliner, hair, hair straighteners, haircuts, hot emo boys, hot geeks, hot hot heat, hot illinois guys, hot single guys, illinois, illinois guys, incubus, indie, indie hair, jamming, jeans, john edwards, john kerry, jose pasillas, josh (condich of course), kentucky, kisses, lanky guys, leg warmers, legwarmers, lemons, live, livejournal, livejournal customizing, livejournal help, livejournal layouts, livejournal modifications, local bands, losers, loud music, mae, makeup, mark lawrence, massages, mates of state, mike einzinger, mindless self indulgence, modest mouse, mosh pits, movies, music, my bedroom, my boyfriend, my dogs, my mom, old people, old school asics, peotone, pete, photography, pillows, pink floyd, pretty people, quinn allman, relationships, rocking it out, rooney, sauconys, scarves, scenesters, school, sex, shling, shopping, silverchair, ska, skinny dipping, snow, stripes, sun, sunglasses, swimming, sxe, talking, tamborines, tattoos, techno, the dresden dolls, the peotone gang, the used, thick framed glasses, thrift stores, tight pants, trends, vintage clothes, volleyball, winter, xxx